RUKKUS HOUSE Sound & Music Production Studios

Rukkus House Sound and Music Production Studios

Rukkus House Is…

A collaboration of sound and music professionals specializing in creating exceptional, original music and sound of uncompromising quality for film, broadcast, games, radio & music productions.
We listen to you, align ourselves with your vision and keep that vision on track from start to finish.
We build successful sound and music production projects—together!


Here is what our business has to say:

• We never lose sight of why we do what we do.
• We are passionate in our work.
• We love music and sound in all its forms.
• We bring that passion and drive to every project.

And we want to help you realize your vision in a way that weaves a brilliant final product with cost-saving measures because time is money and neither should be wasted!

So let us help you:

Drive your brand!
Drive customer loyalty!
And most importantly,
Drive Sales!

From LA to Tokyo, we have and continue to work with the best! Whether it’s feature films with Movie Plus Canada in the West, or major video game titles with Tecmo Koei in Japan.

We will do our best for you…
Contact us today!